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  • London pride and a great visit

    5. Feb 2020 by

    The streets during pride in London are for sure crowded and it is hard to move forward. Around 1.5 million people celebrated pride together in 2019, which makes it to one of the largest gay parades world wide. Everyone is in a great mood, happy, super friendly and open-minded. For the upcoming pride on June 27th 2020 there will probably be even more party people marching for the rights of LGBT.

  • Road trip through Andalusia – 10 cities, 1love

    30. Jan 2020 by

    Andalusia is so beautiful, that I cannot stop going back. I have been there three times already but waiting for the next possibility to spend time here. Here are some ideas of where to go if you think about a Roundtrip in Andalusia. By doing a roundtrip, you will experience the differences between the North… Read more

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