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  • Budapest and the start of a friendship

    18. Oct 2019 by

    Budapest – the capital of Hungary. A vibrant city and a tourist magnet. Budapest is worth visiting in summer and in winter as it has several attractions for every season. Budapest became a very special place to me as this is where I met Yasseen from Sudan who became a very good friend of mine.… Read more

  • 10 things you learn when traveling solo

    10. Oct 2019 by

    Travelling solo is definitely not easy, especially not at the beginning. No matter what happens to you, you need to solve it by yourself. For sure, there are always people to ask, but it is always you who has to make the right decision about what to do. To win these challenge is going to make you so much stronger than you have ever been before. Here are 10 things you will learn when travelling solo:

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