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  • Gay in Berlin

    5. May 2020 by

    As the borders are closed and traveling is not allowed anymore at them moment due to the Corona pandemic, I decided to write about my home base this time: Berlin. More specific, let me tell you about where to go when you are a lesbian in Berlin. A gay-friendly city Berlin is super gay-friendly and… Read more

  • London pride and a great visit

    5. Feb 2020 by

    The streets during pride in London are for sure crowded and it is hard to move forward. Around 1.5 million people celebrated pride together in 2019, which makes it to one of the largest gay parades world wide. Everyone is in a great mood, happy, super friendly and open-minded. For the upcoming pride on June 27th 2020 there will probably be even more party people marching for the rights of LGBT.

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