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  • Dare to dream and follow your passion

    5. Jul 2020 by

    Aren´t there many of us dreaming about a digital nomadic lifestyle but still are hold back by their job, their duties, their beautiful decorated apartment, their partner or … is it maybe just …. fear? What is your dream? Did you ever asked yourself, why you are still not there and wether you will ever get… Read more

  • How to deal with a low-spiritedly mood as a traveller

    29. Jun 2020 by

    Life as a traveller is not always just happy shiny world. Travelling can be very soothing and beneficial, but sometimes it can become draining, exhausting and energy consuming. Do you know that feeling? Do you sometimes get dragged into low-spiritedly thoughts? Do you sometimes cannot see the beauty of the world anymore? Or do the… Read more

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