About me

Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire – J. Lee.

This is my story of how I became a globetrotter instead of being a scaredy cat.

For sure, the main reason was love.

I used to be a super frightened girl, scared to death of traveling the world. But then..

I remember when my girlfriend (I am gay as you might assume by now) told me that she bought a one-way ticket to Australia. That moment, I just got on my bike to get to work. It was summer, I was wearing blue pants and cycled once across Berlin from east to west. 40 minutes if you ride fast. After we finished the call, I started crying. I could not stop crying for the next twenty minutes. It could not attend to work that way. Even when I arrived at the office and locked my bike, the tears continued to roll. But to stop crying, there was only one way for me: I had to go. I could not stay here. I had to follow my girl. No matter how. And strangely, everything was possible afterwards. I quit my job, I paused my education. I signed up a travel insurance, applied for a visa, booked a flight, dissolved my flat. My employment contract ran until march.

My employment contract ran until the end of march. I had to take care of many things. I would not get away that fast. But I counted the days. Full of hope to meet my love again in just a couple of month. That hope has given me the strength to do all that was necessary to get on the plane on 20.05.2015. I did not care about anything else. I wanted to live my dream. I wanted to hold my girl in my arms again. I believed in her, myself and my dream and it became true. We traveled together.

And because life is not a never-ending love story, our love ended and I started to be a solo traveler. Unhappy about the break-up but already in love with something even bigger: traveling. I was so proud that I proved to myself that everything is possible, if you believe in yourself and just go for it. I did not stop traveling for 16 month and found my passion.

Now, I am back home for 2 years already. The dream of being a nomad and to live the way I did it during these 16 month is still there. Sometimes it is hard for me to believe in making it happen. I got it once, it will get it twice. To believe in a dream and to stand up for it requires courage, strength and endurance. Everything is possible if you dare to walk the path of love. 

This is my story of how I became a globetrotter. In my veins flows the desire to travel and I write here in my blog about my many journeys through Europe, while I wait to pack the backpack again and to travel the world for a bloody long time again.