Bremen – from a little town to the capital into the world

my home town – I am born in Bremen, an hanseatic city in the northwest of Germany. Its a cute and rather small with old precincts such as Schnoor, the city centre and the Bötcherstraße. That´s actually where you find most of the tourists, for sure. We are proud to have the Roland, a huge bronze statue as a symbol of freedom and the bremer town musicians, symbolising a donkey, a dog, a cat and a rooster who established Bremen – at least, that’s the fairy tale they told me when I was a little kid. The beautiful river called weser flows slowly through my home town and by following it, you will find beautiful nature spots. 

the river weser and the stadium

Young people love to go into some of bars in the viertel (=1/4), where you’ll find shabby bars. What I really love in Bremen is, that although things are changing, many things remain the same here. We like traditions and we like it the way, it is. For example, there is this very shabby bar called litfass – the air gets smoky during the night and they have cheap beer and coffee – in which already my parents went when they were young. And still now, 30 years later, it still looks just the same and all the locals love this place for its charm.

the centre of Bremen barely got destroyed at world war II
we even do have our own beer

dreaming about traveling – I always wanted to travel to far away countries when I was younger. All my friends went somewhere exotic with their parents, while we drove to the same island in the baltic sea every year. Seriously, every year. Till I was sixteen. I haven´t been out of germany since then. It was nice, but I dreamed about seeing new places, exploring the unknown. I’m a pretty small girl,  not even 160 metres and people used to think (and say) I’m weak, clumsy and need to be careful. So I kept dreaming about traveling without doing it. 

moving to Berlin – I used to live in Bremen for many years. Safe, secure and enjoying our traditions. But also Bremen is so beautiful, I wanted to experience the live style of our capital, Berlin. After finishing my studies, I moved to Berlin, hoping to find a job. Berlin is exciting, huge, warm, colourful and babbly in summer, cold, grey and dark in winter, full of international people. Berlin never sleeps. It is awesome once you travel here, but for living, you need a strong character. Drugs and party are available 24/7, its part of the city. It took a while, till I found some places to be alone. Not easy here to get away from the crowds. But the empty places, yeah they do exist. Even here. Early morning at a weekday, you’ll find most of the parks empty, Wannsee at a grey, rainy, windy day – sweet.  Climbing into one of the empty bulidings, still remaining from the time, when Berlin was devided, hiding from the world. I love it. 

But Berlin is not only famous for its parties, but also for its street art. East Side Gallery, mauerpark, teufelsberg – where you find one of the largest graffiti galleries in the world. And yeah, heaps of other stuff, but you probably know already.

spraying at the wall in mauerpark is totally legal

I found myself getting lost in Berlin, experiencing a different world. Actually, while I’m writing here, I remember, what made me come back to my dreaming. It might sound trivial, but I read the Alchemist (after the bible the most selled book btw) and yeah, the book hit me. It took one more year after reading a book when I bought my first flight ticket – to Bangkok. And woah, I never expected traveling having such a big influence on my life.

Now I am on the hook. I have the travel bug, which is, for me, the most addicting drug I tried so far. I am a travel addict. I am a hummingbird. I want to fly and I need to be free.

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