Ghent (Belgium) – more than waffles

Ghent is a city I never had the urge to visit. But when I did, I fall for the city. Ghent became a very special place for me. My first get-away after my long journey abroad (16 month) . A former travel friend I met in Bangkok, Tibout, invited me to come over when I got stuck in post-travel depression.

Good friends help you to find important things when you have lost them…your smile, your hope, and your courage – Doe Zatamata

I bought a flight ticket to Brussels and took a train to Ghent. When we met, I did not have any inner drive to be active and we chilled at the river side on the jetty. The houses are small and painted in different colours with love and passion. Several boats in the harbor are waiting to see the sea, reminding me of my desire to travel.

Ghent has its own charme with the river Leie flowing slowly through the city

Best thing to do in Ghent is getting lost and finding the hidden beauty yourself instead of following the tourist crowd. When me and my friend crossed one of the many bridges he showed me the sculpture of a girl wearing nothing but shoes and headphones. Tibout told me, that no one knows, where the statue comes from. Some day, it was there and still then, it is.

This statue really touched my heart – headphone and shoes is all she needs

Coffee and street-art in Ghent

Ghent has many cozy bars and cafés. I love sitting in a café, sipping my coffee, writing into my journal and watching people. Ghent is the perfect place to do so. Furthermore, Ghent is perfect to see striking graffiti street-art . The street changes permanently and is definitely worth a visit. Go to Werregarenstraat and find out yourself.

Streetart is something I always look out for when traveling

Belgium waffles

And for sure, as always, there is no way to write about Belgium without talking about the waffles. The Belgiums know how to make a great waffle, but they have no clue about Falafel. So stick with the Waffles. They do taste pretty awesome. Make sure to try the original ones. Some waffle places are no good and will be nothing but a disappointment to you. I bought a chocolate and a plain one at “house of waffles”, as they offer tasty Belgium waffles to an affordable price. The waffles are crispy and sweet and in my opinion, no toppings are needed.

Waffles – a must try in Belgium

The castle of the counts

Another must-do in Ghent is to have a look at the castle Gravensteen. It is impressive to look at and to visit the inside. The entry fee is 6 € and from the top of the castle you have a perfect overview of Ghent.

Everything seems so small and tiny from above

After visiting the castle, we chilled at the small park next to the Castle. You totally forget the city centre is just a few metres away. A calm and relaxed atmosphere. A perfect place for me to recharge and find my inner passion again. Sometimes, all you need is a friend, a waffle and a book to find happiness.

My friend Tibout reading at the castle garden, my fully written diary and more waffles.

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