A weekend in Prague

Prague is always worth a visit. A city that is calm and alive at the same time, fast and slow. I have been there three times already and I will definitely go there again. The beer tastes super good and the bars are open till late, perfect conditions for a long night. The typical tourist attractions are the Charles Bridge, the astronomical watch in the city centre and the castle. The bridges (not only the carls bridge) are super stunning, especially at dawn.

Carls Bridge at dawn

Letna Park

As I love to explore the water side and city parks, I spend quite a while at the Letna Park. It takes around 25 minutes by foot or three stops with the tram (Metro 12), get out at Sparta station. The park is not crowded and you will have an amazing look over all of Prague and the river Vltava. During spring and summer, the park is lovingly planted with flowers. At the end of the park you will reach the Metronom, a beautiful lookout with an even greater panoramic view and heaps of young people chatting and chilling.

Prague castle & royal summer palace

Castles are always somehow magical. The prague castle is stunning from outiside and inside, but somehow, the Queen Anne´s summer palace touched me even more. The garden is full of cherry flowers, it is green everywhere and you can see Vltava river, the Prague castle and the city centre and not many people come to visit (but that might be due to the rain that day..).

Queen Anne´s summer palace.


If you want to try tasty and cheap homemade cakes, ice-cream or sandwiches (amazing for breakfast!), I recommend you the pastisserie Ovocný Světozor with dozens of freshly made cakes, great coffee and not touristy at all. I went there with Lukas, a local I stayed with. The desert shop does not look special from the outside and it might happen, that the stuff does not speak English. But that is what a globetrotter is looking for, right?

The perfect place for a rest with cake and coffee for low budget.

Ahh, Lukas! Lukas hosted me for 2 nights at his place and really helped me to experience Prague the way only a local knows it. I asked him to got to a bar where no one speaks English – and we did.

By tram and food

Like always, I got lost in the streets, exploring the city without having any clue where to go. For me, this is the best way to get a felling for a new place. I go into all the little side streets, browse in bookshops and stop, once I see a coffee shop that seems to be nice. Riding with the tram in Prague is an experience itself. Just take the next one coming and see where it takes you.

Super tiny trams in Prague, so adorable!

Jewish museum

If you are interested in history, Prague has many museums. The jewish Museum consists of six Jewish monuments in Josefov and you can visit them all with one day ticket. You are going to find one of the largest collections of Judaica, I found it very interesting and very emotional. So take tissues with you in case you are going to cry as well.

Boat cruise

Although I normally do not do any cruises, because I find it too touristy, I did take one in Prague. You can experience the city from a different perspective and are going by boat under all of the 17 bridges of Prague.

Enjoying Prague by boat on the Vltava river.

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