Pride tour in Europe 2019/2020

Pride – all for one

Pride tour through Europe – important things to think about before making a pride tour through Europe .

This year I decided to celebrate Pride more than just once and go for a pride tour. Normally I go to the pride in my home town Berlin, but there are so many more. I had the chance to go to the pride in Brussels and London this year, still planning for Amsterdam (03.08.19), Prague (10.08.19) and Copenhagen (17.08.19). Definitely going to keep you updated about it! Celebrating pride means a lot to me. If you like to make a pride tour as well, there are some things to think about when planning: 

Love is free and colourful

Where to go for pride?

In the pride month June but although in July, August and September are several pride festivals all over Europe and overseas. You cannot attend all of them, many of them are at the same weekend. Think about, what really matters to you. Choose the ones you really like to go to. The best pride party is not always in the capital! Get informations before deciding and consider what really matters to you. Best prides to go to by special features:

Pride in London – Piccadilly Circus

Largest prides in Europe:

The largest pride in Europe is supposed to be the one in Madrid and the city goes crazy for it. Unfortunately, the largest city in Europe -Israel- does not allow a pride yet. This year, the demonstration got terminated violently by the police. The largest pride in Eastern Europe takes place in Prague on the 11th of August.

Pride in a gay friendly city

Celebration pride in a city with a huge gay community is special in itself. Experience it! The capital city does not always has the best pride. In the UK for example, London does have a great pride, but Brighton has a large gay community and the whole city gets crazy about it. Plus: you can celebrate at the beach! Other cities with a huge gay community I recommend for Pride: Tel Aviv (Israel), Vienna (Austria), Cologne (Germany) and Brighton (UK).

Marching through the city: 

Berlin and Brussels allows you to follow the pride march which is far more fun then having a look at the passing people while staying behind a gate. This is going to give you a special feeling. You can dance behind the truck with the best music and really demonstrate for your rights instead of just watching the march. Recommend to attend at least one where the pride is not fenced off.

Pride in London: fenced off but heaps of fun

Pride at the beach

As Pride takes place in summer I highly recommend considering beach towns and cities for celebrating. For example: Copenhagen, Tel Aviv, Brighton.

Cheap celebration:

If you have to look out for your money, do not choose capital cities as everything is going to be more expensive there. The countries in Eastern Europe are usually cheaper and Prague is definitely worth a visit itself. Get the flight ticket right in time and far in advance and book an accommodation straight away as prices get up during pride and pride is slowly becoming a commercial festival.

Special occassion

Amsterdam is different to other prides as it takes place at the canals of Prinsengracht and Nieuwe Herengracht and on boats on the river (Amstel). Find a great spot at one of the many bridges in time and celebrate in the Netherlands. Tel Aviv is a must-do when it comes to pride. Perfect weather, great atmosphere, beach and party.

Get a flag and glitter

You are proud to be gay and you celebrate that it is legal and accepted to be gay! Show it! You are going onto the street to rise your voice, to support the people that are not allowed to live out their sexuality in public. Show it so everyone can see it. Get a flag, a demo sign, glitter, and rainbow accessory and be proud of yourself! If you are wearing your flag or the gay accessories already on the flight you are likely to meet other pride visitors and get the pride feeling already by checking in.

This year, some more prides are coming up. Go there! I am gonna be in Berlin (27th of July), Amsterdam (04 of August), Prague (11th of August) and Malta (15th of September). What about you? Have you already been at a pride this year or planing to go?

Pride in Europe – dates 2019 and 2020

There are still some prides coming up in Europe this year: 27.07.19 in Berlin, 03.08.19 in Amsterdam, Brighton, Hamburg, Belfast and Stockholm, 08.08.19 in Athens, 10.08.19 in Prague and Antwerp, 17.08.19 in Reykjavik and Copenhagen and the last pride of Europe in Malta 14.09.19.

If you are planing to do a pride tour in 2020, start to plan for it as early as possible as prices go up. Get a flight and book the accommodation asap. Here are some dates of the prides in 2020. Unfortuantely, not all dates are set yet.

Everything gets dressed up during pride in Brussels, Belgium

20-28.06.2020 Thessaloniki – Greece: hosting EuroPride

04. 07.2020 Madrid Spain (in Spain called Orgullo Gay)

19.07.2020 Tel Aviv – Israel

27.07.2020 Sevilla – Spain

01.08.2020 Amsterdam – Netherlands


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