10 things you learn when traveling solo

Travelling solo is definitely not easy, especially not at the beginning. No matter what happens to you, you need to solve it by yourself. For sure, there are always people to ask, but it is always you who has to make the right decision about what to do. To win these challenge is going to make you so much stronger than you have ever been before. Here are 10 things you will learn when travelling solo:

“I wondered why it was that places are so much lovelier when one is alone.”
Daphne Du Maurier

1. Overcoming fear

When travelling solo, you will be scared. On my first solo flight from Thailand to Indonesia I was so nervous that I nearly blacked out. “What if I something went wrong at the check-in?” All my worries came up and there was no one to lean on. Another time, I forgot my credit at the ATM and had struggles to get it back. But all these problems will make you face your fear and you will become a problem-solver. You will be confident and trust in yourself more than in anyone else.

2. Trust your guts

When you travel by yourself, you do not have another change but trusting yourself. Whatever you do, no one can tell you what to do. You can ask other travellers or locals for advices, but you have to make the final decision about what to do yourself. There is no one to blame at the end of the day. While traveling solo, you learn to trust your guts.

3. Finding solutions

By traveling solo, you are going to become a solution-finder. As you do not have time to think about the upcoming problems but need to find a way out of a tricky situation, your way of thinking will change step by step. At the end of your journey you are going to think solution-orientated only.

4. Learning a new language

Many of my friends that travelled with a mate from home spoke their mother-tongue most of the day and struggled to get fluent in English or Spanish. When you travel solo in a foreign country you are probably going to be surrounded by people that cannot speak your native language and be forced to learn it asap. By speaking and listening all day long, your brain will make a fast progress in learning the new language and after less then three month you are going to be fluent.

5. Becoming extrovert

When I meet couples or friends travelling together, they are likely to spend most of the time together and do not get in touch with too many other people. On the opposite, when travelling solo you can either be by yourself or get in touch with other. You are going to force yourself to become more extroverted when felling lonely and looking for company. And even more, other people are more likely to start a conversation with someone who is sitting somewhere alone. It might be a weird feeling in the beginning to do the first step towards others especially if you are more the introverted type but you will get better every day.

6. Making friends

When travelling solo there is a great chance that you will make close friendships on the way. All the wonderful people you will meet on your journey will become super special to you. At the end of your “solo trip” you will have met so many other travellers and made friends all over the world that you might wonder wether to call this trip a solo trip or not. When staying in touch with them you have friends all over the world to visit. That way you will always have a reason to travel again – and know where to travel to.

7. Experiencing silence & mindfulness

In daily life, we have to talk to other people all day long. In the office, at the bakery, in the restaurant. When travelling solo, it is your decision when to talk to others and when to be silent. You can find an abandoned place somewhere at the beach and chill all day long by yourself or hike up a mountain solo without meeting anyone. Discovering these silence is going to be an magical experience for you. You will have a much closer connection to nature and be much more aware of all the beauty surrounding you. Travelling solo is a great way to practice mindfulness as there is nothing to distract you. You will see the beauty of all these little things because there is nothing to distract you.

8. Beautiful pictures

Travelling solo allows you to take pictures of what you discover. All the little beautiful treasures you discover while walking silent and mindful through the nature. Your pictures will show the magical discoveries you made instead of dozens of pictures with you in the ever same position. Getting away of making selfies of yourself (as it is going to get boring after a while) and towards concentrating of what is going on around you.

9. No waiting

You do not need to wait. Travelling in a group means waiting a lot and making compromises. When travelling solo, there is no one to wait for. It is all about you. If you want to make the most of a day, you will start early and will not have to waste time on waiting for your friend to sleep-out.

10. No compromises

Whatever you want to do, you can do it. You do not need to take care for your friends wishes. It is all about you. If you like to go crazy, you can go crazy. If you like to chill in the hostel, no one will complain and call you boring. Instead, you will meet other travellers that find your idea amazing and want to accompany you. In daily life, you need to make compromises everyday: the day is full of decisions made by others such as your working time. By travelling solo, you are the only one that has to agree to your idea. No drama – just easy going every day.

Hope you like these 10 reasons and they convince you to travel solo next time.

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