Gay in Berlin

As the borders are closed and traveling is not allowed anymore at the moment due to the Corona pandemic, I decided to write about my home base this time: Berlin. More specific, let me tell you about where to go when you are a lesbian in Berlin.

Be proud of who you are.

A gay-friendly city

Berlin is super gay-friendly and open-minded. Even the former Governing Mayor of Berlin is gay. Being homosexual is totally accepted in the capital of Germany and the city offers many bars and spots to hang out. Especially when it comes to clubbing, looking gay can increase your chances of getting inside. This post ist about the lesbian scene in Berlin, the bars, parties and street festivals. Some advices of where you can go go to during your visit in Berlin if you want to meet-up with other lesbians. The might be close right now, but I am still going to tell you about them and take a trip down memory lane, to when I spent much of my time chilling in one of these bars. I unfortunately do not have any pictures yet but will add them asap!

Gay quarter

You are going to find gay bars in most areas of Berlin.The once I (used to) go most times are located in Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain and Neukölln. The gay quarter of Berlin is probably in Motzstraße in Schöneberg and full of gay shops. Even the underground station is painted in rainbow colours.

Gay bars

There are so many gay bars in Berlin, that I will only mention my favourites.


Olfe bar – girls night on Tuesday

Olfe bar is a gay bar located in Kreuzberg close to U-bahn station Kottbusser Tor. It offers cheap beer and a great atmosphere. Every Tuesday is girls night and the bar is full of beautiful gay girls and woman. A meet-up point for local lesbians and tourists. As long as it is warm outside, people are sitting outside of  the bar till 9ish, drink their beers on the sidewalk and enjoy the fresh air. The bar itself is a smokers bar and the air gets really smokey during the evening. Friday and Saturday are great days to go here as well. The guests are more mixed and the vibe is great.

Rosis Berlin – pink, pink, pink

Rosies is located between Kottbusser Tor and Görlitzer Bahnhof, five minutes by foot from Olfe bar. It is decorated in pink and purple all over. The beer is a bit more pricey but still ok. What I really love in Rosies bar are their super cozy couches and all the glitter hanging around. The bounzer is super friendly and the bar will welcome you with 2 dancefloors. What else are you asking for?



Himmelreich is another gay bar in Friedrichshain at one of the most busy streets: Simon-Dach-Straße with great cocktails (try them out!) . A great place to start the night. It is especially nice to sit on the tables outside on the sidewalk and observe the passing crowd. But even in winter the bar welcomes you with hot mulled wine and the bartender greets you with a huge smile. The bar is divided in a smokers and a non-smokers area.

Zum schmutzigen Hobbie

A gay bar and club in Friedrichshain located on RAW Gelände. One of the few clubs where you do not need to pay any entry fee Friday night. Yeah. They do have a cozy and colourful illuminated outside area and one dance floor inside. It gets pretty crowded early. Go here once you had a cocktail in the Himmelreich bar to dance to the beat.


Berghain is actually a former gay club and without a doubt the most popular club in Berlin. As it is so famousm I probably do not have to tell much about it. If you feel like celebrating with other lesbians I recommend are club that´s more focussing on gay girls.

Neukölln: Silver lining

Another great gay bar in the heart of Neukölln. The cocktails here are mouthwatering and they do have a lot of glitter as well. You can choose between a smokers and a non-smokers area to chill out. The bar itself is a bit too small to start dancing. That´s why I am going to tell you where to party, if you want to celebrate with gay girls only.

Lesbian parties

L-tunes and Girlstown

The Busche at Warschauer Straße is probably the most famous dance club for gay people. I really like a series of parties organized under the name L Tunes (a legendary party attending – normally- once a month on the last Saturday) and Girlstown (not every month). The locations sometimes vary but it is always fun with great music, many dance-floors and heaps of amazing and beautiful girls inside.

Gay street parties in Berlin

Love has no gender.


Just before pride parade we have another huge party in Motzstraße (do you remember the gay quarter I told you about in the first paragraph..). Everyone is in a good vibe, happy dancing on the street, celebrating the freedom of our sexuality.

CSD – Cristopher street day – Berlin pride

Pride in Berlin is a must. I doubt that we will the common street parade this year on july 25th. It will probably not be the same this year. Normally,Berlin during pride week is covered in rainbow colours – even the TV tower shone in LGBT colours last year. The pride week always ends with the famous gay pride parade. If you want to read about pride 2019 in Berlin check out this post. The Dyke march is a lesbian visibility protest march and usually takes place the day before pride parade and leads from Friedrichshain over the Oberbaum bridge to Kottbusser Tor in Kreuzberg. It should have been the 8th dyke march in Berlin this year – let´s see wether we can demonstrate or not.

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