Nature and architecture in Córdoba – Andalusia

Andalusia is somehow special. I spent three weeks there and in this post I introduce you to Córdoba. It is located between Malaga and Sevilla, a great place to stop by. Oh yeah, there is a lot to see.

I took a blablacar from Sevilla to Córdoba and was planning to spent only one night there, but I got stuck for three days. What I really liked in this city was the calmness, the architecture, the nature and the contrasts between both.

Oh my gosh, right now, when I start writing, all the memories flash back and happiness surrounds me. I fall in love again with a place once more. I found a cheap & central hostel with a cozy roof top and beer vendor (Funcky Córdoba), checked in quickly and went out. My first impression: so many tourists. I crossed the famous roman bridge hoping to find a peaceful spot on the other side.

Roman bridge during the day

The bridge itself is magnificent and changes totally during the night when all the lights turn on. Colours changing and everything becomes somehow magical.

Roman bridge at night – what a change

I am a nature girl. I love being outside, I love being by myself and I love getting lost. All of these is possible in Córdoba. I have been walking along the river for hours, not seeing anyone but some guys who were living in a community, collecting and cutting fire wood. No one else goes along the water coz all you see is … yeah, the river, flowers, trees, some birds. For me, that´s a jackpot.

Finding a place to rest and to unwind

On my way back, I got accompany. A Maroccan student who could not speak English. We shared a beer and tried to communicate, which really motivated me to work on my Spanish. But yeah, somehow it worked.

Enjoy your ride and find peace in your destination

Back in the hostel, I met another awesome dude. David, a painter and my room-mate for a night. We explored the bars, talking about art, life, love and traveling. Walking through Còroba at night, everything calm and full of lights. Coincidence, we passed a wall with a graffity wich has summarized the day well: I will wake up when art wakes up. And jap, I was super awake in Córdoba.

I will wake up when art wakes up.

At some point we ended up at the roof top of our hostel, sipping beer, listening to music – sooner or later by Joelistics, my fav travels song. Perfect place. David showed me pics of his paintings on the phone and I fall for one of them. Next morning, I went for a coffee (cannot have a morning without) and when I came back, David was gone. I headed down to the reception, wanted to exchange numbers, but it was too late. Little bit sad, I went to the room and yeah… found a present on my bed. David left the painting for me. I could not believe it.

I love traveling solo and I love to meet people on the way, but at the same time, saying goodbye can be hard.

Davids painting and his wishes to me: “Enjoy your ride and find peace in your destination!”

But back to Córdoba. There are some tourist things to see, such as the great mosque of Córdoba (entry is for free in the morning 8.30-10am! 10 € afterwards) and the architecture of the old town. Definitely a must see. I am not the kinda person, that is looking for all the tourist attractions, but this one is nice to have a look at in it is cold inside – perfect to cool. down. Another sign to the is Alcazar of the Christian Monarchs (free as well).

And something very typical are the “Patios Cordobeses”, all these little small teraces. No matter how small the space, the will fill it with love and flowers. Go yourself and get lost in the small side streets to find the hidden beauty and your own happy place.

As I love couchsurfing, I used these app on my second day in Córdoba. Couchsurfing is not only good to find a host, but you can even use the application “hangouts” to meet other travelers or locals. Highly recommend to try it out! After spending the day by myself, I wanted to have some company for dinner – eating with other people is just ways more fun. Try it out! This way, I met Jafar from Kuwait and night walk through Córdoba, we met the Maroccan guy again. Jafar did not speak Spanish, I did not speak Arabic and the guy (I forgot his name unfortunately) did not speak English – and still, it worked out. As A. Woods said: Language is not the barrier, the heart is. We had a great time together and spent the last day at the river side of Córdoba. There might be a sign with a warning saying “swimming forbidden”, but we just ignored it an chilled all day there.

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