Bari and Polignano a Mare

Bari – our starting point

Bari. The capital of Apulia region in Italy. Memories of me and my former love traveling together. Escaping the upcoming Berlin winter for a couple of days. I do not know how else to start my story about this journey. We found a cheap flight from Berlin to Bari and did not have any expectations about what to do and where to go – as usual. I love traveling without having a plan or any idea of what to do. It opens up possibilities for the unknown, for fate and sheer coincidence. That´s actually what I love so much about traveling. NOT having a plan. I do not like these highly structured life: alarm in the morning, appointments all day long, living according to a schedule. I need to be free of all of that once in a while.

A two hours flight and when our plane set ground, so did the sun. A magical welcome to Italy for two lost souls. On the way to the Airbnb apartment, we ate all the chocolate I bought for our host – sorry, but it was yummi.

Bari welcomed us with a beautiful sunset

Bari itself has a nice beach, great bars and I loved the aperol Spritz. Some stuff to see, but mostly, an amazing starting point to check out the surroundings.

Polignano a Mare

First day, we wanted to check out the area and decided to make our way to Polignano a Mare, which is easy to reach by train (6.50€, 1hour). The train rides once every hour only, so we had to wait a little bit- the price you pay if you do not plan your journey and look up the schedule. But waiting was so worth it. Even the ride through vine fields calmed me down to earth. Once there, we got lost in our own paradise. The town with its with houses is full of colours, cute little houses and some quotes by Torquato Tasso everywhere on the walls. Somehow, a place for lovers. Perduto e tutto il tempo che in amar non si spende (lost is all the time you do not spend in love) is written in Italien everywhere. Seems like love is everywhere here.

But not only the town is special. The coast is very special as well. We found a super cute bay, hidden between the cliffs, but decided not to go there because of all of the other sun worshippers. Instead, we walked along the cliffs and observed a fisherman and the town from a distant.

Perfect place to lay done and relax

Back in town, we got some ice-cream and got lost in the narrow and empty streets of Polignano and, for sure, missed the train back home – and had to wait again. Maybe, that was “our thing” in Polignano – missing the train and practicing patience.

Train station in polignano a mare


Alberobello is a cute mountain village and famous for its special trullo is a traditional stone huts with a conical roof. They are super small, like, crazy small. It takes 1.15 hours to get there from Bari and was definitely interesting to see, but unfortunately crowded by tourists.

Actually, the cat we shared our lunch with was far more interesting then everything else – in my opinion. But it was although a very special and super cute cat.

I fell for this dude in Alberobello

We had five amazing days in Apulia and Bari city seems to me as a great location to start as it has an airport, good public transport and the trains are not expensive at all. Nevertheless, the beautiful beach towns close by are ways more charming than the big city.

This was the last journey of me and her traveling together and although our lives are going into different directions now, we share the memory of this journey together.

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