Dare to dream and follow your passion

Aren´t there many of us dreaming about a digital nomadic lifestyle but still are hold back by their job, their duties, their beautiful decorated apartment, their partner or … is it maybe just …. fear? What is your dream? Did you ever asked yourself, why you are still not there and wether you will ever get there? What holds you back? What are you scared of? Why do we keep allowing fear to control our life, our behaviour, our thoughts? I mean, seriously, what are we scared of? If dying is the worst thing that can happen to us, it will happen to all of us eventually anyway. So what? The main question is: how do you want to spend the time between now and the day of your death?

Your doctor could call you the next day to tell you that you have cancer. Better start now.

Overcoming fear to get where you want to be

I sometimes doubt whether I will be able to fulfil my dream or not. But at the end of the day, following my dream is the only way to be happy. So, I will keep going my path, no matter what. At the end, the path counts because that is what we are looking back to.

But it is not only the big dream of establishing a digital nomadic lifestyle or establishing any other business. Every day there are things dream-worthy. Do you make your dreams come true at least on the daily basis? How often do you get the chance to make a tiny dream come true and do not catch it? How many sunsets did you miss because you were too busy doing things you did not even enjoy doing? How many love-stories remain unwritten just because someone did not dare to ask the other out? How many times did you forego to fly because you were afraid of falling?

Make your life the adventure your seeking for.

The power of volition

I remember when my first girlfriend (I was 28 and previously had only relationships with men) told me that she had bought a one-way ticket to Australia to stay there for at least a year or two. I was on my bike on the way to work. It was summer and pretty hot outside. I had to get once across Berlin from north-east to south-west. 40 minutes if you cycle fast. 50 minutes if you take it slow. After we finished our call, I started crying. I could not stop crying. I really tried to calm myself down but cried the whole 50 minutes while cycling through the capital. Even when I locked my bike, the tears continued to run. I could not work that way. But to stop crying, there was only one way for me: I had to go with her. I could not stay here and let her go. No matter how. I decided to fight for my dream and made the decision to just travel as well. Once the decision was made, my tears stopped flowing down my cheek and I was able to focus on my work again.

And strangely, everything was possible afterwards. With my goal in mind and willing to make my dream come true, I quit my job, I paused my studies. I took out a travel insurance, applied for a visa, booked a flight, sublet my apartment. My job contract ran until march and for personal reasons I did not want to leave immediately but felt like finishing what I just started. Eight months without my girl, but at least the hope that I would soon see her again and had not lost her yet. This hope has given me the strength to do all that was necessary to get on the plane on march, 25th 2015. I did not care about anything else. I wanted to live my dream. I wanted to get my girl back. And at that point- I wanted to travel very badly. I believed in myself in her and us, but mostly, I believed in my dream and it came true. I did not doubt for one second and went all in. Finally, I realised that we both had different ideas about relationships. I was 28, thought I had found the woman of my life and wanted to marry her. But she was ways younger than me and in a totally different stage of life. “I am not that far yet. You’re just a relationship on time. I am too young to settle”. Bang. Dreams can burst. Nevertheless: Realising, that everything is possible and that you can do it, if you can dream it, was a great and life-changing experience for me.

If you can dream it, you can do it

I proved to myself that everything is possible, if you only believe in yourself and do whatever it takes to make it happen. If you stop doubting yourself. I might have lost my girlfriend but I found something even bigger by facing my fear: I found the beauty of traveling and I found trust in my dreams. I found my passion. My love. My happy place and the best antidepressant world has to offer. Since that time, traveling has become a huge part of my life.

I hesitate to understand why some people stop dreaming or even laugh about other peoples dream. Having a dream is something so magical and valuable. I find it even scarier to give up on a dream and live a life you do not want to life.

If you want to cross the ocean, you need to get wet and you need to let go of the safe ground.

Right now I am living in Berlin, and life turned out to be better than expected here. There is a lot to discover in Europe and if you are not scared of travelling the way you want to travel, you can do it whenever and wherever. I travel at least once a month (unless we have a world-wide pandemic though…) Nothing can stop me from doing what I love to do anymore. We have only one life and should not allow the fear of falling or failing to dictate us what to do and what to refrain.

When you dare to believe in your dream, it will happen. Just believe it. Believe in yourself, do what you have to do and let magic do the rest .

Wings are made for flying. Take your wings and trust that they will be strong enough for you to fly.

What do you dream about? What are you scared of?

Never give up.

Dare to dream, follow your passion and have a lovely day.

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