Trinidad – falling for a cuban paradise

Have you been to Cuba yet? The island of cigars and rum. Cuba, a country full of colours. Being here feels like travelling in time. Do not miss out Trinidad and let me give you some impressions of my favourite city.

Arriving in a new city is like falling in love. Everything is new, everything looks beautiful and special. You pay attention to all the tiny details and feel nervous out of the blue. You feel butterflies in your stomach. An ordinary thing such as a side-street can become the most beautiful thing you have ever seen in your life and your breath might stop for a second because you are so overwhelmed of plain happiness. That is how I felt when I got to know Trinidad. I fell for this cute city. When I had to leave, I missed it so much that I changed all my plans and came back the next day to stay a bit longer. Found my happy place.

But first of all – packing: Before you get into a plane to Cuba: do not forget to bring matches, lighters and pens to Cuba and give it to the locals. They will be so happy as stuff like that can be hard to get in Cuba and you can even swap stuff if you like. If you happen to have a lewis jeans or any other brand clothes and you do not mind giving it away, they will be so happy and proud to get one as well! Half of my backpack was full of coloured pencils for the children and you will get rewarded by a huge smile.

Trinidad is my favourite place in Cuba for a reason! A colourful little town that is amazing just the way it is. I love that they colour the tiny houses in all colours of the rainbow and most of them are painted in at least two or three different shades. The city´s charme is rounded off by great bars and a lively atmosphere and heaps of sun. It is not always necessary to have a plan. Sometimes it is enough to be, to breathe and to wait for what is coming.

Trinidad is super relaxed. It felt a bit like time travelling. No one is in a rush, everything is chilled. Sit down or lean against a wall and rest for a bit. Listen to the sound of horse hooves over cobblestones, feel the sun burning on your skin and watch the horse carriages passing by. Just sit mindful and be in the moment. That is sometimes more than enough to feel the zest of life.

Climbing up

My travel tip for you: When you get to a new place, it is a good idea to climb up the highest point to get a good overview. That is why I normally look out for the churches. Especially in smaller cities and villages, they are often one of the highest buildings and located in the city centre. Go inside and ask friendly to see the church bell. When you climb up the stairs to the top you will be rewarded by a wonderful view.

When it comes to Trinidad, I recommend visiting the Museo de Historia Municipal, because it has a huge tower and they will let you climb up if you ask friendly to see the bell. The museum itself is kinda pretty too and the staff is super helpful. They will tell you some stories and guide you through the exhibition.

Oldtimer in Cuba

No question, the cars in Cuba are special. I never saw so many Oldtimers ever before. I had so much fun sitting in these old cars and hoping it would not break down on the way. But even though that happens quite often, everyone is prepared with tools and they just fix the car in a few minutes. The old treasures reinforce the feeling of time travelling. Things are going to break in life. All that counts is the fixing afterwards.

Day trip to playa Ancón

If you like to be active, hire a bike and cycle to playa Ancón. It is a decent distance of 11 km and you get rewarded by a beautiful and empty and white beach and a beautiful sea. For sure, you can also take a cap and get there in around fifteen minutes but that might spoil the adventure. One should not take life too serious but take it with ease.

Salsa cubana in casa de la musica

You cannot go Trinidad without dancing salsa in the Casa de la musica. You probably are going to make some friends there and if you like, you can keep dancing in a nearby discotheque. No matter if you know how to dance salsa or not, it is going to be an awesome evening for you. Treat yourself with a cocktail and get into the rhythm by listening to the bongos, maracas and timbales. The music will bring you into a good mood and if cannot get enough – the open air discotheque is not far away and a great place to continue the party.

Cuban rum and sugar cane

The sugar cane economy is the principal agricultural in Cuba and the raw material for rum production. For sure, when being in Cuba, go and press out some sugar cane yourself when you get the chance and visit a rum factory and try the different kinds of rum in Cuba. I recommend to add a bit of rum into a freshly cutted coconut. So tasty!

Pressing sugar cane


For sure I have to write about food. The supermarkets do not have a vast variety of groceries. The shelfs might be full but it is just the same few products all over. No good olive oil, no cheese, no chocolate. It gets a bit tricky if you are vegetarian but it is still possible if you are not a picky eater. They have good lobster though but did not help me much as I eat neither fish nor any other meat. After three weeks without any good chocolate, I was one of the happiest girls when I found a chocolatier in Santiago de Cuba. Only when something is gone you realise how important it is to you and chocolate is very damn important to me.

What to eat in Trinidad: We found a little pizza bakery hidden between houses but you will find it by the long line of waiting people. Get one, it is so tasty even though it has nothing to do with the Italian Pizza. That is the Cuban Style of a pizza. Delicious !!!

Waiting for homemade pizza

When you visit Trinidad be prepared: you might fall in love. Don´t say I did not warn you.


  1. We loved Trinidad when we were there a few years ago, such a beautiful city. You’ve photos have captured its atmosphere nicely. Our only problem was finding somewhere to stay it was so popular, but it still felt like a quiet and relaxed place.


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